December 5, 2007

Can you believe it's December? What happened?
As you go through this month at warp speed we hope you get a chance to breathe, enjoy a cuppa something good and enjoy some of your favorite things as we share a couple of ours with you.
Chris and Sandy

These are a few of my fav- or- ite things!

I know that I cannot do what Oprah does and give each and everyone of you everything that is my favorite but, what I can do is tell you about them so if you are so inclined, you can add them to your wish list. I encourage you to purchase these things for yourself if you are in business and take the business deduction.

1. A second tool box for the workroom. For years, I would carry my tool box from the car to the workroom and then use all the tools then in a frantic state, try to put all the tools back into the tool box and load the car for an install. I spent less than $100 and got a complete new set of tools and a tool box that now lives out here in my office.

labelerP-touch Labeler
2. A Brother P-Touch Label Maker. Just love how tidy it makes my files look. From Office Max On Line at

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3. My fabric rack. I built this years ago but still, as often as I get help putting up a 100 yard bold of lining or hanging a 50 yard bolt of decorator fabric, I am grateful that I do not have to continually lift those big bolts. I cut the end pieces from cabinet grade plywood so the conduit would be cradled and not pop out if the tube was compromised.
Kitty's Book

book4. Kitty Stein's book: Price your work with confidence. I re-read this book monthly. Not the whole thing, just whatever page opens when I am looking for a 15 minute rest from standing and need a break. It gives me the fortitude to run my business like a business and keep in mind all that it takes to stay in business for years. Profit is not a 4 letter word and if you want to stay in business, you better be the best boss you ever had. You are entitled to benefits!


5. Designers Write Mate - from Scot Robbins Company. I have used this stand so much. First, when we shot the new Duster video, I had my easel paper on it. Then at clients homes it is so much nicer than putting down the tape measure on their coffee table and not bending to pick up tablets and pens... But the biggest use is here in the workroom. You know how tight my space is. Well, I use it here to hold my current work. I used to put the work order on a clip board and then lose it on my table. By having it on the WriteMate, I cannot bury it. I really like the deep edge so I can tuck markers and scissors and anything else I do not want to bury on the table. Lately, I use post-it notes on the edge to remind me of appointment times and the items for the grocery list, stuff to order etc.
Scot is offering a special price of $95.00 including shipping if you mention this article. Call him at 888-778-2538.

Chris Watt

Scaldino's - just in time for company!

If you've been to an nice hotel lately you've probably seen a scaldino. In Italian, Scaldino translates as little heater. The scaldino is the mini comforter at the end of the bed that warms the feet or protects the spread from the suitcase.It's a quick way to give a new look to a room. Some hotels are using washable bedcoverings, either duvets or matelasse and adding scaldinos and pillows from decorative fabrics to complete the look.

I like them for staging because I can use a solid spread and with little fabric have many looks. I also love them because I can complete a set including pillows after dinner! That makes this one of my favorite things.

Here's a set I made from a beautiful Brunschwig and Fils toile.

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My scaldino is 78" wide by 18" long and it goes on a queen size bed. It is self lined and filled with a layer of quilt batting. I used a co-ordinating fabric for the cording and as a contrast on the pillows.

If you are using a heavy fabric, you may forgo all batting. If you are using a silk or light fabric you may choose to use a double layer of flannel interlining. There are no rules here- I chose the finished size based on the beautiful toile pattern. You might consider using purchased trim around the edge or making it with a longer drop. I have seen them twice as wide and folded back on themselves like a comforter.

Happy sewing!