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September 26, 2007

Thank you for your kind and encouraging feedback to our newsletter. It's our pleasure to be able to keep in touch this way.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Did you know breast cancer is the most common cancer in women? As some of you know, I am a five year survivor of breast cancer and am doing great. Please remember to get your yearly checkup.


Do you have a bag of tricks?

I do.

Seriously, it's a zippered duvet cover bag that sits in my closet. Whenever I make something like a new rosette, a fabulous ascot, or just something I need to remember, I make a little sample and throw it in my bag. It's amazing how often I go back to remind myself how I did "that".

This covered "button" trick is just one of those things. Chris told me about it when I needed a boatload of buttons and had a toyboat budget. It's a good one!

What's in your bag? Please share with us. Send an email or a picture- we'll share with the class.


Watts Up- Tips from Chris

The washer button-
Create a button sandwich using a large washer,a smaller washer, batting and a drapery pin.

Glue the drapery pin to the back of the smaller washer.
Cut a circle of your fabric larger than the washer with enough to come around to the back and to accomadate some batting- you may have to experiment for your size washer. With a 2 1/4 inch washer the circle is 4 1/2" in diameter. Run a small basting stitch around edge of fabric.

Place fabric face down on table. Run nylon button tuftiing twine through the small washer, around the drapery pin and back out.

Make the sandwich. Layer- fabric, small ball of batting, small washer, then large washer.

Pull up basting stitch and knot. The nylon button tufting twine is ready for you to attach to a pillow or window treatment!

Questions for The Pillow Lady

Dear Chris,
I am interested in the scissors that you use. Can I purchase them as a retail customer.

Yes, Sharon, All are Kai brand, the green ones are either #5220 and are 8.75 overall length or #5240 @ 9.5"for when my hands are swollen. The space to put your fingers is bigger and fits nicer on the 'big girl' days. I use the #626 to snip through cords. I have recently started using the #7250, the big guns on the Duster video. Holy cow are they sharp and hold an edge for a long time. All of these are from Wolff and can be researched at www.wolffind.com.

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Featured Product of the Month

Let's Roll Video

This video is everything round. Bolsters and variations, sunbursts, round boxed, ball pillows, and round knife edged- they are all here. Chris takes the mystery out of it all and teaches you valuable workroom tricks along the way. She discusses pillow inserts, zipper insertion in a round pillow and yardage saving tips among many other things.

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