April 9, 2008

April showers bring---a new DVD! We're devoting this issue to telling you a little about it.

We're also including some "eye candy". Don't miss Carol Hart's award winning valance at the end of the newsletter! Way to go Carol!


Beyond the Basics-Tucked Roman Shades

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Boy did we have fun in Texas! Chris taught three sessions of her class "Unusual Roman Shades". It was a hands-on class and Chris had prepared kits so each student could make two different shades. One was a back tucked roman shade with grommets and one was a duo roman shade.

These are the two shades that are on Chris' new video, "Beyond the Basics-Tucked Roman Shades. " Some were able to complete both shades and some needed to do a little more work in their own workrooms, but all left with a lot of time saving tips and some hands-on experience.

In the video, Chris takes you from the math to the installation with plenty of tips and tricks in between. I'll border on the unprofessional here and say the grommet machine is just plain fun. It's appealing to me because the tucked shade with grommets is crisp and clean looking and much faster than a ringed version. Chris said "This shade should be green- because it's a money maker!"

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The second shade is very cool. It combines a sheer shade with a lined shade so you can have the best of all three worlds. You can drop the bottom lined shade and have a sheer roman shade, raise the bottom shade for total privacy and a nice sheer valance at the top--OR raise the whole thing and have clear glass! Once again- a unique product that sets you apart from the competition.

My favorite part of the video is watching how Chris handles the fabric, keeping the shade square and precise. The way she moves the project around the workroom and sets up the machine for precision sewing is truly an "A-HA" moment.

I know you will love this one-

April's Featured Product

Beyond The Basics
Tucked Roman Shades- A Two Disk Set

Disc A features a Back Tucked Grommet shade made for an inside mount application. Standard drapery lining is used and the Grommet installation is fully discussed.

Disc B features a Front Tuck Duo Shade. This shade is made with the tucks to the front and is for an outside mount application. It has three functions. The sheer top can diffuse light , the black-out lined bottom section will block all the light and when fully raised, the window can be totally uncovered.


And The Blue Ribbon goes to......

Carol Hart
Timeless Designs

Also at the CSI Creative Camp was Carol Hart of Timeless Designs. She worked with her assistant, Sabine Braxton to come up with the winner in the valance competition. Carol and Sabine combined a number of couture techniques to showcase the beauty of the fabrics as well as their considerable workroom skills. We thought you would enjoy seeing their project.

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