February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day! May your day be filled with love and chocolate. We hope you take the time today to call someone and let them know how special they are to you- as you are to us. We appreciate your friendship and love to hear from you.
Chris and Sandy

Tips from Chris

Hello Chris,

I would like some hints about sewing box pillows with cording and zipper in poly suede fabric. I ordered it from Joann Fabrics Home dec.--Liz Claiborne Soane Ebony.

I am using 8/32 cording with a Bernia sewing machine. I am using a cording foot. My problem is that when I am applying the bias cording fabric and the cotton cording on to the gussett, it seems to slide from a 1 inch seam allowance to 1/2 inch. I am fighting with this fabric by angling it towards the needle/presserfoot compensate for the sliding.

Is it because of the suede having a nap like velvet?

I've done so many rip outs.....to try to achieve an even seam.

By the way I have 2 of your DVD's that have given me more expertise and CONFIDENCE. I watch parts over and over to review and always see and hear you say something that I missed the first time.

I would appreciate your thoughts.


Hi Irene, Staple the welt cord cover to the boxing strip. Sew, remove staples. staple the boxing strip to the pillow front. sew, remove staples.

All of the staples go in the seam allowance about 1/2" in from the cut edge in alignment with the stitch line. I use this technique with plaid fabrics alot. I hate the creeping and the staples stop it. I use a staple about every 3"

Good luck.

A Valentine Love Letter

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I thought I'd share with you another one of my staging quickies. I had everything I needed in my leftover pile for this simple envelope pillow. If you have Chris's Basic's video, you know everything you need to be able to make this pillow.

I used a 14 by 18 pillow form and used 3/4" seam allowance throughout.

Cut the fabric as follows:
Front and Back- 14 1/2" by 18 1/2"
Envelope Flap -- 15" across long side-- 9" to the point (Cut 2)
About 110" of covered cording- I used 5/32" soft cotton cording and cut my strips about 2 1/4" wide.
About 12" decorative twist cord
2 covered buttons - 1 1/2" One of each fabric.

Cut interlining for front, back and one flap piece.

Glue Baste lining to front, back, and flap. I usually use Aileene's glue or Rowleys Fringe Adhesive. Using a 3/4" seam allowance gives you a little bit more room for glue drops.

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Apply cording to flap front. Sew flap front and back together. Turn.
Stich flap to front of pillow.
Attach buttons as shown.
Sew cording to front.

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(assembled pillow front)

Join front to back, insert zipper if desired.

Cut a piece of decorative twist cord about 12" long. You will want to try this on your pillow to see if it's the right length.

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With a hot glue gun or bonding tape, glue ends together. Wrap and glue with small piece of leftover lip cord tape.

Twist the joined circle into a figure eight and place over buttons. Hide join under button. Tack join in place so it doesn't slip out.

Happy sewing!