January 30, 2008

This month we've been getting more organized and efficient. First we shared a few office tips and then a few storage tips. This week we show you a couple of workroom ideas.
Happy organizing!

Contain It!

So simple but it saves so much time! I mounted a 1 X 4 as a shelf just under my table top and always keep a pair of scissors, measuring tape, calculator and yardstick. I also keep the silicome pad for my iron there in case I want to rest the iron on the work table.

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On the other end of the table I have a double smaller shelf that holds boxes of staples for the staple gun.

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Happy Organizing!
Chris and Sandy

Tips from Chris

Another filing tip for January:
In my quotes file, I have one labeled "Thank You" and "Regrets". The "Thank You" file contains thank you notes I've received over the years. Sometimes it nice to be reminded of the good, appreciative customers that I have had the pleasure to work with.
Conversely, I understand that not everyone is my customer. In the "Regrets" file I keep copies of letters to customers whom I have declined to work with. So when necessary, I have an assortment of letters to refer to.

Note from Sandy: I like to keep greeting cards from special people in my car door pocket. Occassionally I read them, but mostly just looking down and seeing them gives me a boost!