June 17, 2008

Dear Sandy,

The cats away and the mice will play! Chris is off playing with a roomful of motorized romans so I'm filling in with one of my quick ideas this time. I hope it sparks your own creativity.

Last time we wrote about Toastmasters and I hadn't been yet. I had the opportunity to represent myself in small claims court last week and really could have used those skills, my brain had a light layer of fog in it and my legs were a little rubbery. I did win--yea! but I do plan to sign up for Toastmasters and join the ranks of the trained. It's not just for speeches.

Have a wonderful day!


Cumber bund pillows

Here's another quick pillow idea. When I'm staging I use these pillows to get several looks out of limited inventory- my house is getting pretty crowded! The idea is to make a plain pillow and several "cumber bunds" to slide on and off. This is a great place to be creative- use your imagination.

Chris gave me the idea over the phone long ago-let's see if I got it right.
I started with an 14 by 18 poly filled pillow and made a silk cover for it.

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For the band:
Cut fabric 24 1/2" by 10
Fold over lengthwise
Sew center 15"

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Turn band right side out- join ends right side together- sew.

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Glue bond or hand sew opening.

pinned fabric
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Slip Band over pillow- you're done!

A different cumber bund.

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For this one:
Cut fabric 18" wide by 32" long
Fold lengthwise- Sew- leaving open center for turning.

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Center seam on band. Mark 2 1/2" down from side, mark and cut. Sew ends closed.

press close
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Turn, press, close center opening.
Sew button on to secure layers. I also hand tacked the sides at overlap.
Slide on pillow-- You're done!
You can also use this technique to make a table runner without side seams.

Hope you enjoyed this. If you do something creative with your cumber bund pillow- send us a picture. I'll add it to the newsletter.