May 21, 2008

We asked and you answered! Thank you for contributing your thoughts and suggestions through The Pillow Lady survey. We are truly blessed to have such creative, imaginative, helpful, and sometimes hilarious friends. Your answers will help us to provide meaningful content that we hope you will find useful while avoiding subjects that you consider a waste of time.

As you can imagine, our readers are of many minds. While some of you like articles on marketing, business management, and interesting people, others put it at the bottom of their lists of interesting things to read. All seemed to like tips and techniques and specific instructions. Thank you for the wealth of ideas for future articles!

So, we'll keep your suggestions in mind and hopefully you'll see things you'd like to read about. We also received wonderful feedback on Chris' videos and a great list of suggested videos for Chris. I've got a short list of my own I'd like to see her do!

We start out this week with a tip from Chris and an answer to a question that was in the survey.

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Taming Impossible No Good Very Bad Fabric

I have a quilter. It is an APQS Ultimate I that I have owned for over 20 years. One of my friends that sews pieced quilts told me about "The Original Quilt Basting Spray" to eliminate basting. Cool stuff. Saves lots of time.

Problem job: Tucked Roman Shades of a loosie goosie cotton fabric. I have had the same material from 4 different suppliers so I know it is popular. Every time I touched the fabric, it went off grain and looked crooked. Solution: position the face fabric on the table face down and straighten to my heart's content. Spray with Quilt Basting Spray then carefully roll the prepared lining on. This adhesive is repositionable and is temporary! Once I bonded the layers together, the lining stabilized the face fabric and all movement stopped.

The first shade (of 20) took a full day, once I thought to try the Quilt Basting Spray, I sped up to 3 or 4 shades a day. Yeah!

Quilt Basting Spray has a pleasant odor that fades quickly and the temporary, repositionable bond lasts less than a month. Manufacturer is Sullivan, costs about $10.00 per can (Ouch) (But makes me so much more efficient) and is available at Hancocks and Quilt stores.

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Question for The Pillow Lady

From the survey:

Q: I currently own VHS format videos. How can I upgrade to DVDs?
Suvey Participant

A: We do have an upgrade program. The charge is $20.00 per title and that includes shipping back to you. You do need to get the VHS copies to me and that postage is your responsibility. May I suggest the Flat Rate Box from the Post office. All in one box for $9.15
Chris Watt