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Dear Chris,
   How basic is the Basics DVD and why would I want to start there if I have been sewing for 20 years?  Thank you.
- Rhonda

      Hi Rhonda, The only way I can answer your question is to ask the question, how long does it take you to construct a 18' pillow with cord/welt and a zipper?  If the answer is more than 30 minutes, please start with the Basics so you can get your efficiency up and frustration level down.
- Chris

Dear Chris,
   What type of iron is that you are using. Seems pretty steamy! P.S. Love the tour on the Having Your Way With Welt video. So insightful in setting up my sewing space. Regards.
- Kathy

      Hi Kathy.  The iron is from Dofix and you can see all their cool stuff at www.dofix.com.  I have had my original iron for 17 years and while expensive, I do think it is the second best investment I could have made for my business.  The best investment was having a table made.  Third best investment, the used Juki DDL 555 that I purchased in 1983.  I am still using that workhorse and love it.

Dear Chris,
   What is that tape measure you are using in the Dust Ruffle Video, I want one!
- Agnes.

      Hi Agnes, that is a Center Point Tape measure.  Pretty nifty isn't it!  You can get it from Shasta at Unique Expressions.  www.uniquexpressions.net  You will be seeing a lot of things available from Shasta in the DVD's to come.  I am reattaching my edge rulers so you can see how much more efficiently I run around the table using them and the clamping bar will be used on the Roman Shade series.
- Chris

Dear Chris,
   I am interested in the scissors that you use.  Can I purchase them as a retail customer.
- Sharon

      Yes, Sharon, all are Kai brand, the green ones are either #5220 and are 8.75 overall length or #5240 @ 9.5, for when my hands are swollen.  The space to put your fingers is bigger and fits nicer on the 'big girl' days.  I use the #626 to snip through cords.  I have recently started using the #7250, the big guns on the Duster video.  Holy cow are they sharp and hold an edge for a long time.  All of these are from Wolff and can be researched at www.wolffind.com.
- Chris


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