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 Here's what some clients have
shared with me . . .
Dear Chris,

      With more than 30 years under my belt as a home sewer, college coursework in custom sewing and design, and a recent career shift to sewing professionally, I didn't believe that purchasing a video on pillow making could possibly teach me anything!  After all, I'd made countless pillows! On the recommendation of a colleague, I purchased your first two videos and cannot begin to tell you what a difference they made in my techniques and finished product!  Your tried and true techniques and tricks of the trade have not only improved my productivity, but have been inspirational.  I now own all of your current video selection.  No book, commercial pattern, or other instruction has given me this level of knowledge and confidence.

      Thank you!  I'm looking forward to your next video.
Suzanne Mink,
Touch of Mink
Dear Chris,

      I'd like to let you know how valuable your pillow training videos have become to me.  I've a home based embroidery business, but I have also been a seamstress for the past 30 years.  About 6 months ago I was approached by an interior decorator who asked me if I would be interested in constructing designer pillows for her.  Having never done anything like that before I was of course skeptical but I told myself I could do it.  This particular designer gave me your first video "The Basics", and after viewing it a few times, I was on my way to a new career.  Installing a zipper and adding covered cording became a breeze.

      Later I purchased your second video "Separating Details", and I can't even begin to tell you how much I've learned.  I've become a pro at splicing braided cording and although flange pillows are still not my favorite, they have become a lot easier because of your instruction (especially the compounded flange shams!)  In 6 months I've made close to 250 pillows; in all shapes and styles.  Decorators tell me how impressed they are with the quality of workmanship that I turn out.  I'll take some credit but a lot I owe to you for your expertise and training.  I look forward to your next video with much anticipation please do another one soon!

- Julie Whiteman,
  Embroidery Express
Dear Chris,

      Just wanted to let you know what a great educational resource your pillow tapes are.  You give a wonderful presentation of the many different pillow styles, and the "details" you teach transform an ordinary pillow into a custom, high-end product.  The cording techniques are especially quick and professional looking, and zippers are easy, with accurate placement every time.

      You've taken away the "learning curve" with these tapes.  When I need to do a certain type of pillow I can quickly review that portion of the video, start the pillow, and know exactly what steps to take, in their correct order.

      You have made pillow making a "no brainer".  I'm looking forward to your pillow tape #3.

- Terry Kowatch,
  Touch of Fabric
Dear Chris,

      Congratulations on two fine videos on the construction of decorative pillows.  Although I have been in the window covering business for many years, pillows are a new fabrication project for me.  How lucky I am to benefit from your years of experience and special knowledge on the subject.

      The videos are so well done-step by step and covering all those "little" details that make the difference between professional and homemade.  I like the format because it enables me to repeat and repeat those portions that are more involved.  Your approach is all professional and the sneak peaks at your workroom are fun, too! I look forward to all the future videos and you can put me down as an automatic purchase!

- LaVelle Pinder, WCAA
  LaVelle Pinder Decorating

Share your feedback with us 

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