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  Operable Door Valances
     - Video DVD "Operable Door Valances" $65.95
     - Hardware Kit $44.00
     - Hardware & DVD - saves $19 $90.95
        The DVD details the design, construction and installation, turning your valance into a functional decoration on doors and shutters.
        Single, French or Center doors with sidelights no longer present a design dilemma after viewing this DVD.  Shutters can have top treatments softening the window without losing any shutter function.

Incorporate elegant and functional treatments in areas where doors have previously presented challenges to the elements of successful design. The DVD is formatted so the first segment can be used as a tool to show prospective clients a preview of how their Operable Door Valance will work.

        Workrooms, or manufacturers, receive complete construction details - including tools, measuring, selecting and cutting the appropriate wood, and many options for attaching the valance. Details covered in the DVD significantly diminish the learning curve.

Operable door valance.

Both doors function fully.
        Installers are shown how to efficiently install and adjust for the perfect fit.

DVD running time: 1:42 hours (102 minutes)

Additional examples...

Center door with two side windows.   
     Center door valance opened.
Swags on cornice.   Jabot covers opening between doors.
Hardware Kit
        Provides hardware needed to create an operable door valance on one door.
     - Video DVD "Operable Door Valances" $65.95
     - Hardware Kit $44.00
     - Hardware & DVD - saves $19 $90.95
  Customer Comments
        "I want to thank you for making this video, because it was very clear and to the point.  The video gave me the confidence I needed to go forward with this job.  I could not have made the ODV without the help of your video."
- Carol
        "I want to thank you for doing your videos, especially the operable door valance.  I would never have attempted that otherwise and since viewing your video (twice) I have installed two and do not hesitate to offer them as an option to the designers I work with."
- Janice

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