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  Title: "Fun With Foam-Chair Pads" $39.95
This DVD explores making chair pads from concept to completion.
DVD covers...
  • Templates
  • Cutting 1" & 2" Foam
  • Cutting & Adhering Dacron
  • Knife Edge Cushions
  • Boxed Cushions
  • Bow Ties
  • String Ties
  • Notches
  • Buttons
  • Hook/Loop Ties
  • Belt Loops

DVD running time:
         1:55 hours
         (115 minutes)

Knife edge chair pad with bow-ties.

Here's an example of boxed, reversible cushions...

One side...

...and the other.
When the chair pad is rather small, 1" boxing gives a pretty showing and
provides the opportunity for 2 very different looks.
             2" Foam chair pad with notch
              detail and belt loop ties.
              2" Knife edge chair pad
              with Velcro ties.
"Fun With Foam-Chair Pads"     $39.95      
  Customer Comments
        "I have not made chair pads as beautiful as those I made based on your video!  Thank you!  They all had those notched corners and I have always struggled with that.  Not any more!
- Bianca
        "Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the two videos I purchased from you.  They were excellent.  Not only full of information but your instructions, presentation, etc. were absolutely fabulous.  Even if I didn't know a thing about sewing, I would be able to make a pillow or chair cover just from your videos."
- Rose Marie

The Pillow Lady,  PO Box 3431, Saratoga, California 95070 USA
www.thepillowlady.com   -   chris@thepillowlady.com

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